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Digital controls for rooftop ac and a revolutionary system for control of mineral buildup and biohazards in water chillers.

Green Tech Solutions


We are now a trade ally with Bes-Tech

We can control compressor and fan speeds for rooftop AC providing 30-60% savings in energy and demand charges. Going green is not only smart, it pays you back as well. ROIs from 2- 5 years depending upon your existing equipment and energy costs.  State and federal incentives may apply.  Watch for our news regarding ConEd Solutions and installs in Rochester, NY.  This will also be utilized for our tech training location. 


Eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals for chillers

Developed at RIT, an electrical pulse engine eliminates mineral build up and bio hazards like legionaires. Testing at multiple sites throughout the RIT campus have provided exceptional savings and minimized  maintenance requirements. 

Zhender Residential Heat Recovery & Ventilation

Tightly sealed homes require fresh air exchange to protect against mold, mildew, and other air quality issues. . This can be accomplished with the Zhender heat recovery and energy recovery systems. 

Energy Revolution

Smart Flower

The Smartflower is a moveable solar technology capable of providing 4kw. Options include tracking, car charging, battery backup or grid connect. Simple bolted foundation system allows for portability. 

New tech solutions coming to BGG

We are actively engaging with manufacturers and distributors of cutting edge energy saving and healthy building systems. Keep an eye out for heat recovery ventilation for large buildings, gas powered heat pumps, adiabatic cooling systems that do away with large water demands and eliminate biohazards like legionaires. We are also developing a cost effective in the box heating and cooling solution for yurts and tiny houses.

Electric on demand hot water

Domestic hot water and space heating can be provided in our modulating electric powered tankless hot water system. Mineral buildup degradation has been overcome via proprietary use of quartz heat exchangers. This technology will change your mind about using electricity for heating water in a cost effective manor. 

Adiabiatic water chiller

Dramatically reduce your water useage and eliminate the risk of biohazards and mineral buildup. 


Rochester slammed by winter storms. The pier in Webster, NY on Lake Ontario. If only we could harness that energy and store it. 

Gas powered heat pumps

Single phase gas powered heat pump dramatically decreases energy requirement. Now it is possible to provide heat, cooling, and domestic hot water from a single module. 

House, Cabin & Yurt Solutions

Custom heat, hot water, and cooling designed for your dwelling

New technology in solar thermal systems, heat pumps, tankless on demand boilers now allows us to customize high performance energy saving solutions at affordable prices. Send us a design with your heat load, tell us what fuels you want to use (solar only, lpg, natural gas, wood etc.) We will configure a solution with all the components you will need for domestic hot water, space heating, and air conditioning when necessary.  We will load it on a pallet and ship directly to you. 

Ridge Coin Best Tech controls

Weather permitting, we will begin the install of a 10 ton and 20 ton hvac unit the week of April 10. The 10 ton unit will have Best Tech controls providing up to a 30% savings in electrical useage. Watch for upates. 

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Send us your questions regarding heating and cooling for smaller spaces.  We will post  and share answers. 


Solar without a roof

Now you can have an aesthetically pleasing solar pv system that can provide 4kw of power and remain moveable when you want to take it to another location. Options include battery backup, car charging, grid or off grid possibilities. Contact us for details. 

Special Announcements

The Berkeley Green Group is now a trade ally with Bes-Tech for rooftop ac digital controls and computer data centers

Con Ed Solutions has selected The Berkeley Green Group to install digital rooftop controls in the metro NYC region spring of 2017. Watch for updates.

Berkeley Green Group will be establishing a training location in Rochester, NY for digital rooftop controls of ac units. Technicians well be able to gain ally partner status with BGG once approved. Contact us for additional information.

New Technologies

Please visit us often as we are adding new solutions weekly. Coming soon will be thermally dynamic steam traps, venturi traps and additional applications for steam environments. Also watch for new generations of thermally driven heat pumps for heating and cooling. 

Contact us to discuss your air quality, residential, commercial , or industrial heating, cooling and energy challenges. 


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Lunch and learn programs now being scheduled for Rochester area companies. Contact us for more details. 

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